Let's come up with the right questions first, and then work together to find the answers.

A successful communications platform will have as its foundation a clear sense of purpose. What are we working towards? What do we want to be recognized for? What is the image we intend to project to our customers and our competitors? How do we envision future growth? Even for established businesses, these questions are worthy of regular consideration. 


What has worked previously may need to be rethought. Trends evolve. Missions shift. Technology changes. Consumer behaviors migrate. Team members come and go. An expanded or contracted scope of work may necessitate a revamped messaging infrastructure. 

Regardless of the specifics of your circumstances, it's a worthwhile exercise to spend some time getting better acquainted with your own purpose and words.


This is where C1B1 Communications can be of value. You already managed the hardest parts of the process, bringing your concept to fruition. You know what you want to say; now let us help you define, design, and refine your message.


C1B1 has had the opportunity to support the following clients:

  • Ridgway Bar & Grill

  • Tony's Off Third

  • Bayside Seafood Grill & Bar

  • Third Street South - Naples, FL

  • Healthcare Finance Direct

  • Pope Francis Home & School

  • Boys & Girls Club of Collier County

  • Social Innovations Journal

  • My Dent Guy

  • The Scout Guide - Naples, FL

  • It's IT

  • Legacy Landscaping Services

  • Margaret Events

  • Compass Real Estate

  • Olde Naples Real Estate

  • Wellfit Girls

  • SavvyGirlCharms

  • Elephant Creative Co.

  • Foxboro Sports Tavern

  • Imagine Solutions Conference

  • Greater Naples Chamber

  • Future Ready Collier

  • Southwest Florida Community Foundation

  • David Lawrence Center

Tell me How
1. Define


The first phase of our partnership will be to define the need. Together, ideally featuring in-person conversations at the outset, amply supplemented by phone, video, and digital conversations, we will explore your origin story, your current communications and messaging content and plans, and initial objectives. There will be questions. There will be answers, which may lead to more questions. A foundational understanding is important to inform where we go from here. 

2. Design


Next, we’ll dig more fully into what we’re trying to achieve. Are we talking about revamping your web copy? Do you need a case study written? How are your policies and procedures? Do you need help launching blog content? Would your team benefit from communications training? When did you last revisit your tagline, mission statement, or organizational vision? This phase is necessarily iterative. We may dip our toes back into Define as ideas and goals crystalize.

3. Refine


Let’s polish everything up. Which is not to say the materials we’ve created are done forever, in a virtual box never to be revisited. A part of the goal is to strategically lay the groundwork for what’s to come. No infrastructure stands indefinitely on its own without tending. Whether as a component of a stand-alone project or a part of a longer-term engagement with C1B1, we’ll work collaboratively to determine how best to ensure your ongoing communications priorities are met.