• Caroline Ridgway

Local Partner Profiles: Guerilla Media

One of the most fulfilling parts of my work is getting to craft stories about amazing local partners doing cool and meaningful work. The world is driven by these small businesses who do it all without fanfare, breaking even, following their purpose, helping clients make their lives and work incrementally better and easier. This is the profile I wrote about Guerilla Media:

Guerilla Media’s business model is pretty straightforward: create compelling video content to help clients increase their reach. What’s behind the glossy scenes, however, is far from simple. Co-founders Matthew Dykes and Hope Daley both leveraged extensive backgrounds in media production to apply their strategic visions across Southwest Florida, a venture they’ve successfully tended and grown over the last decade. Working hands-on with clients, the duo manages all their own research, scripting, storyboarding, editing, post-production effects, and more. What drives them? It’s all about the people.

For Dykes and Daley, a primary motivation is to help area organizations tell their stories. They seek out, through extensive personal networks and an active curiosity in the community, the “everyday superheroes,” in their words. Translating this passion for local, Guerilla Media is undertaking a television production campaign, hoping to highlight in detailed long form “untold stories of hope, inspiration, and perseverance” Engaging regional nonprofits and their for-profit partners, Dykes and Daley want more people to know the deep, constant impact that is bettering and even saving Collier County lives.

In addition, launching their “Open for Business” platform through social media, Guerilla Media is traveling around town and interviewing small businesses to feature the work they’re doing, and how they’re currently operating under historically unique social and economic circumstances. Brief videos help stimulate connection points between consumers and service providers. It’s valuable to remember that local business owners are also local residents. Supporting one is supporting us all.

Hope and Matt would both tell you that they’re fortunate to practice their passion alongside their livelihood. You might be familiar with some of their work. Annually, Guerilla Media is responsible for producing the Golden Apple awards videos. This year, they were tasked with executing the Collier County Public School’s virtual graduations. A monumental effort in a relatively compact amount of time, but a project they undertook enthusiastically because it represented a chance to create something important for the students and their families.

These current initiatives fit right in with their mission-driven mentality. A story doesn’t have to be complex to be meaningful. A business doesn’t need to have 100 employees to be influential. Every life benefitted by a nonprofit’s work contributes to a thriving population. And where there are these stories being generated and work being done, you will find Guerilla Media holding the camera.

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