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To wander and ponder...

January 19, 2020

There’s that feeling you get when someone says you to, the self-employed person, gee, it must be so nice getting to be your own boss. And you know, deep in your soul, that the reality is more like having as many bosses as you have clients, except that there’s no connection or coordination among them, and each believes that their needs are at the top of your priority list. And part of you badly wants to accommodate that daydream, artfully sculpting your work day so that every little task is tended to. The further reality is that owning your own company is an exercise in mostly minor-scale crisis management. There is no routine. There are no two days that look like. It is getting the work done nights and weekends because that’s when the emails and meetings subside. It’s never going on vacation without your laptop in tow.

And amid the chaos and the desire to please and the appreciation for solid home wifi, there is the eternal question of how to best support The Difficult Client. You know...

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