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What makes your business better? In a marketplace that can feel oversaturated, successful differentiation and growth are largely supported by the quality of your public brand and messaging strategies. Thoughtful communications-driven marketing is not only possible, in today's hyperdrive world it is essential. We love words and writing. Going the extra mile for your business, hiring professional copywriting, copyediting, and and content creation support, can help your organization level up in meaningful ways, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Caroline Ridgway is the founder of C1B1 Communications. With a strong background in communications, public affairs, and strategy development across both nonprofit and private sectors, Caroline identified a clear need for a superior alternative in the creation of mission-driven written content.

She contributes exceptional writing and editing skills, a strong track record of public advocacy, proven success in relationship management, a keen attention to detail, and a unique blend of aesthetic sensibilities and analytical acumen.

Local to Naples, Florida, Caroline draws on her family's strong legacy of business and community involvement in the area, dating to the early 1960s, but is equally open to partnerships regionally and nationally. When you engage C1B1 you benefit from Caroline's robust network and strong reputation, and you gain a working relationship that is solidly based in transparency, collaboration, and integrity. 

Fundamental to our business model are several key tenets:

We are respectful of your time and your deadlines.


We strongly value bi-directional communication, and strive to promote collegiality and respect.


We take our reputation and brand as seriously as we take yours.


We love what we do, and hope to contribute a bit of that enthusiasm to our business relationships. 


We have no set agenda, and if you think we can help you in some way, let's have a conversation.