that connects.

In a marketplace that can feel oversaturated, successful differentiation and growth are supported by the quality of your communications and storytelling. Not only possible, in today's hyperdrive world these are essential.


We help organizations level-up their messaging in meaningful ways, enabling you to focus on what you do best.


It's not marketing. It's not PR. It's thinking strategically about the stories that got you where you are today, the intersection of your brand and purpose, and how to tell the world about the difference you're making, with alignment and passion.


External factors from the ordinary, like the passage of time and team turnover, to the extraordinary, like crisis management, can make you feel like you're not in control of your own story.


You are. But maybe it needs to be repackaged. 

Storytelling is most effective when it's equally truth-telling. Give your audience a reason to connect with you. 

C1B1 specializes in creating cohesive, effective messaging that is fully aligned with your goals. Together, we'll review your existing  written words, talk about your mission and objectives, assess and then craft your story. Coherent, comprehensive, intentional, and authentic. Most essentially, true to you.